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If you did not know that Telegram uses homemade crypto and chats are unencrypted per default, now you know:


Besides that, the article makes a mistake (in my opinion) to recommend WhatsApp besides iMessage and Signal.
Yes, WhatsApp and Signal are using the same crypto logic, but the company behind WhatsApp (Facebook) makes money with the metadata they are gathering even the messages are encrypted.

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In a way the Nazis’ rejection of traditional humanism led to their appalling fates. It is one thing to mock the subtle infrastructures of a civil society, to claim they serve no purpose, but quite another to tear them down. Only when they were gone did we realise how much our safety and sanity and civic well-being depended on them. This fascist lesson is learned over and over again, even into modern times." (aus "Daughter of Dreams: Book One of Elric: The Moonbeam Roads Michael Moorcock)

@luebbermann Mich würde interessieren, wie du dich entschieden hast. Ich habe recht gute Erfahrungen mit mieten gemacht und kann mir gerade durch den organisatorischen Mehraufwand nicht vorstellen, dass Kaufen günstiger ist.

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Wenn ihr Shell Skripte schreibt, solltet ihr unbedingt shellcheck.net kennen. Das hilft enorm Fehler zu vermeiden! Gibt es auch z.B. über Homebrew oder als VSCode-Plugin oder im Paketmanager deiner Wahl.


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